Is the Ecosphere still doomed? (Glancing at the March 2021 Elections)

Greens did well in the English local elections. This analysis gives a fair assessment, but if the danger to the Ecosphere featured in Scotland, Wales, or Hartlepool, the media did not think it worth reporting. Depressingly, they are probably right.

The global ecological crisis is far more dangerous than Covid. I represented the Greens where Labour has an unassailable majority, so I stood the conventional logic on its head: In my (internet) address, I said:

“This is first past the Post. You are not choosing your Councillor, so You might as well use your vote to signal your concern about climate meltdown.”

I got 8%, a similar percentage to Greens in similar neighbouring wards, who presumably had more ordinary messages.

But there are some surprising ‘sea-change’ type clues. Here in Leeds, I would like to know how much the 1.753 Green votes in Wetherby, a ‘safe’ Conservative ward, was due to sheer hard graft. If so. I missed any appeals for the considerable help which would normally be needed to raise the vote from the 400 or 500 a ‘paper’ candidate would expect. Can it really indicate that former Conservative sympathisers are beginning to realize that the new division is between those who heed ecological limits, and those who don’t?

This election report, though encouraging, is misleading. Being avowedly eco-socailist. There is no mention of the Green Gains in Conservative areas such as rural Derbyshire or Herefordshire. There is also no mention of Labour’s loss of several wards to the Conservatives, There were several high Green polls elsewhere in Derbyshire, in areas normally Conservative..

The Green Party national report links these encouraging pointers to the phenomenon emerging in Germany: Bundnis 90 Die Grunen is more popular than the SPD, and  Annalena Baerbock may become the German Chancellor in September.

My impression is that although not out of the question, the German Greens’ success will not come soon enough. It relies too heavily on technological fixes rather than the ‘Buddhist’ philosophical paradigm shift I envision.

Greta Thunberg points out that to be any use, reducing the global ecological footprint should already be under way. I wish she and/or Ms Baerbock had at least heard of my suggestion for eco-taxes supported by a UBI.

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