Batley & Spen: Cold Feet!

I am angry

The local Green Party having selected a candidate to contest the by-election, the natioal party has blocked him. But there was another prospective candidate – me.

My strategy would have been to transform the election into a mini refefendum on

Climate Breakdown

This is the most serious problem which should concern politicians today (or on the 1st July).

Whatever the reason for the cold feet, it must pale into insignificance against the real issue, which used to be the Green Party’s raison d’etre.

I had plans. We would identify with Greta Thunberg saying

We want you (politicians) to panic”

“System change, not climate change”

Greta has said she does not want to get involved with politics. Fine, that is our job. But without some practical proposals, ‘System Change’ is an empty phrase.

My campaign would have made a twofold proposal: taxes related to the ecological footprint of resource use (not strictly current GP policy, but consistent with it) backed up by an unconditional basic income, to guarantee scurity in the almost certain economic contraction. This was in the Party’s 2019 manifesto.

Along with Greta, voters don’t even eed to agree with this proposal. It may well be superseded by something better

In the dialogue this election could have started.

Greta may not want to be too closely involved with politics, but I would have also invited David Attenborough.

I did not need to win. In the 1989 European Elections, the UK Green Party achieved 15% – far more than it has achieved before or since. ‘Success’ would have been anything from that point upwards.

But why did our vote collapse at evey election since then?

The same reason, Greta, as why system change has not already even started: it will not happen without redistribution.

Even 1989 is history for some, but in 1940 Britain faced a threat – Nazi Germany. Winston Churchill offered “Blood, sweat, toil an tears. He did not mention near 100% taxes on his own supporters, but nobody batted an eyelid. (Do either Boris or Keir have the calibre of Churchill and Atlee?)

Abuse of the Ecosphere was the original reason for the formation of the Green Party. I believe the threat of climate breakdown is more serious than that faced in 1940.

But neither North Kirklees Green Party,nor the national party share this vision.

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