By-election(s); Arlene’s NI blunder

In the Chesham & Amersham by-election (17.6.21), the Green Party vote went down from 5.5% in 2019 to3.3%.

I offered to stand in the forthcoming Batley & Spen by-election, on a platform which started from Greta Thunberg’s “I want World Leaders to panic!” “System Change not Climate change!” The local party did not accept my offer.

But the strategy could be much wider. The green Party has been making slow but steady progress in local elections. Chesham & Amersham demonstrated that issues not prominent in general elections can dominate by-elections.

I have retracted my statement that the Local Party did not take climate change seriously, but they do not seem as terrified of it as I am. I would have reached out to Greta and David Attenborough for comment, and featured my risky Extinction Rebellion (XR) activities in Leeds and London. But unlike XR, in a by-election, we are not breaking the law, merely asking people to show that they think climate change is the mot serious issue.

There may be a by-election in Wakefield shortly. I think the Green Party should be prepared. If a local candidate emerges, that would be ideal, but this could be a decision for the Yorkshire and the Humber Region. In that case,

I would like to see Andrew Cooper consider being a candidate.

Whilst Andrew’s record eminently qualifies him to become an MP, ‘Success’ consists simply of making the terrible threat voters face the main election issue – any election. In the 1989 European Elections, We did that, albeit briefly, with only 15% of the vote.

What did the Chesham & Amersham campaign consist of? At 5.5%, it was among the best results in 2019. The reduced by-election result may suggest that my intended strategy was doomed, If they had featured the mass of dreadful evidence already existing, coupled with that top level support..

But I suspect they ran a low-level campaign, and were simply squeezed. If so, in comparison to Labour, the result is encouraging, and should become national party strategy.

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Arlene Foster’s DUP went into the 2016 Brexit vote advocating leave. apparently so that the Good Friday Agreement would be undermined. Their supporters generally did not follow that advice, realizing that a more important probable consequence would be a border in the Irish Sea.

To cut a long, and possibly still tortuous story short, once that enormous blunder had been made, I can only think of two ways out of the impasse:

One is a border in the Irish Sea – the effective end of what was supposed to have happened in 1921.

The other option is for the UK to re-join the EU.

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