Capitalists may be evil, but they are not stupid

But are we all sleepwalking? I take my old car to be repaired more and more often, as per repainr, re-use recycle as a matter of principle.

My car repairer does quite well at my refusal to look for the ‘break even’ point where I should buy new..

I was holding forth on how well he and a lot of ‘little’ people like him people would do when (not if) there was a general acceptance of the need to live sustainably within the Earth’s capacity to regenerate.

“Fraid the Capitalists have already adapted” he said. Electric cars are already being designed not to be repairable in little workshops such as his. They are designed so that they can only be serviced at dedicated workshops, strictly under the control of the dealers, who are controlled by the manufacturers.

If this is the shape of things to come, the Ecosphere may indeed have a chance of survival, but I fear that if is entirely at the car manufacturers’ discretion, it will not be a society that most people will be happy with.

I assume that general attitudes ae unlikely to change. Although I can explain ‘rationally’ why breakdown has not long since gripped public consciousness, I reman mystified as to why it does not seem more serious than was the threat of Nazi invasion was in 1940. More and more evidence is piling up as to the likely consequences on the current trajectory. I do realize why governments feel paralysed – no measures will be popular – but I remain distressed that the Batley & Spen by-election is not being used at least to draw attention to Greta Thunberg’s and XR’s demands. Today’s Guardian (25.6.21) gives the by-election (5 days hence) a full page. Not a word about the most serious issue facing the voters. Voting would be preferable to XR’s disruption and arrest.

In 1940 the Conservative offered partnership to their hated and despised enemies. Despite their pre-war experiences, the Labour Party accepted, and co-operated. The by-election shows that such a scenario is not even on the radar today. That co-operation included drastic government intervention, and also commercial decisions which became unthinkable in peacetime, such as new engines being fitted to old vehicle bodies. That is not even among the host of practical solutions for postponing the Eco-crisis.

But the unexpected result of that crisis was a massive vote in 1945 for a fairer society. I wish there was the slightest sign of that now.

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