The Floods in Germany

I was miffed when both local and national Green parties blocked my attempts to make climate breakdown the main issue in a parliamentary election. That became anger two days later when the Guardian juxtaposed the apathy of the Batley & Spen electorate with two articles on how serious the threat has become.

That turned into rage following the floods in Germany (15th July). Not just the blocking, people I thought wanted to save the Ecosphere not lifting a finger to help.

Friday’s (16th July)’Question Time did not include one on the floods. Is Newcastle really so parochial, or was this an editorial suppression of the issue?

I have known for many years that my mind worked differently from most. Recent internet searching suggests that there may be an autism component. Greta Thunberg celebrates that diagnosis. If correct, it has done me no favours. People just look blank when I mention things that seem obvious to me.

Is my thinking really so peculiar? I was admittedly unusual in helping to found what became the Green Party, based initially on the Limits to Growthprinciple that humans were over-exploiting the ecosphere.

I stood on that platform in February 1974 (against Sir Keith Joseph, in Leeds North West). It was then only a theoretical prediction of a threat circa 2000. Limits even missed climate breakdown as the most serious aspect (pre-fracking, we thought oil was going to run out). I polled 300 votes – 0.7%. Canvass returns approached 10% positive, but we could only cover a small fraction of the constituency.

Yet despite the mounting evidence, even before last Thursday’s German catastrophe, in Batley & Spen in July 2021, the Alliance for Green Socialism polled 104 votes – 0.28%. What seemed obvious to me in 1974 still bothers very few others, evidence notwithstanding.

I repeat my appeal for support. There needs to be a campaign based on Greta Thunberg’s ‘System Change, not climate change”. but pointing out that this is an empty phrase without at least a first bid as an answer. But anything effective will be very unpopular on current thinking. On the current mind set. to claim that it will be better than doing nothing will not win elections.

But why is no one else desperate to shift the debate? The unconditional basic income (UBI) seems irrelevant to this at first sight. The necessary policies will remain unacceptable until there has been a shift in expectations. Coupled with appropriate taxation, a UBI can facilitate that utterly vital mind set shift.

Or so it seems to my peculiar mind.

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