Green Party Leadership Elections 2021 (2nd – 23rd Sept)

The Existing leaders have both resigned, so technically a by-election  for one year not two but we get a new slate.

Many members may not remember Adrian Ramsay as Deputy to Caroline Lucas, but her endorsement will presumably carry considerable weight, because she has worked with him.

On balance I go with Caroline’s choice, but there is no candidate with a clean bill of health.

Adrian’s original power base was the animal rights faction. Whist I might agree in theory, in the dirty world of real politics that put off the huntin’ shootin’ fishin’ brigade. Early election results (1974 – 1989) told a consistent tale that the denizens of the leafy shires were more aware of the threat of climate breakdown than the places which have since become dotted with food banks.

But in any case the opportunity to recruit the better off vanished (in 1989) when they were told that saving the Ecosphere meant higher taxes on them.

Whoever wins this election must approach those lost recruits more in sorrow than in anger. In 1940, Churchill imposed 95% tax rates on his supporters without complaint. I suffer from the belief that the enemy we now face, climate breakdown, is more serious than were the Nazis. Do any of the contestants agree?

Carla Denyer is said to be a competent and hard working councillor. but I gather she uses gender neutral pronouns. My attitude to the trans issue is similar to animal rights: whatever its merits, discussion must wait until we have recruited enough support to defeat the real enemy. But unlike many other trans supporters, I understand Carla does not mention it often. Can I be reassured that having seen the treatment of Shahrar Ali for his forthright opposition, perhaps she thinks using pronouns would be prudent?

Tina Rothery and Martin Hemingway are a close second preference.  Tina has come to prominence as an effective anti-fracking campaigner, and Martin has a record of political activity long predating his 20 years in the Green Party.

Those who have had more dealing with Shahrar Ali worry that he does not accept briefs, and that he may not be a team player. Nevertheless Shahrar would do what is vital: he will stress the climate emergency eloquently. The Batley & Spen by-election seemed to demonstrate that XR do not see political action as of any use. If Shahrar could recruit XR as election campaigners who then put crosses on pieces of paper, that would outweigh any drawbacks.

I was favourably impressed by what I saw of Ashley Gunstock in conferences some time ago. One to watch in future?

I fear Amelia Womack is too closely associated with the trans distraction. so I shall vote RON.

2 responses to “Green Party Leadership Elections 2021 (2nd – 23rd Sept)

  1. Clive!

    What is going on here?

    I’m worried to see that you seem to have combined Carla Denyer and Tamsin Omond into one person. And you haven’t mentioned that Tamsin was a founder member of XR, which sort of negates your point about Shahrar.

    Are you ok?

  2. I think I am OK. but I shudder at the prospect of Womak/Osmond associating the party nationally, with Trans issues. But as they look like winning anyway, does that at least mean that they will get all those XR activists who blocked the M25 to persuade voters at every by-election that climate breakdown is an imminent threat?

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