COP 26 Agenda Item

The unconditional basic income (UBI) is necessary so that the measures necessary to prevent climate breakdown are acceptable.

Therefore the COP26 narrative should include it.

I believe Kate Raworth is an appropriate contact, because in Doughnut Economics, she devotes several favourable pages to the UBI.

Yet in the chapter entitled “Be agnostic about Growth”, she fails to mention it at all

This is a request to loyal readers.

If you agree with the proposition that the UBI should be a part of the narrative at COP 26, please say so to Kate. Her contact details (available on the internet) are here.

My request (more than once) has received no reply, she has a great deal of traffic, but if enough individuals ask her to read my weblog, that might be sufficient.

Unless of course anyone has any better ideas as to how to get the UBI on the COP26 agenda.

Please let me know when you do.

2 responses to “COP 26 Agenda Item

  1. Hi Clive,
    A not strings Unconditional Universal Basic income could make super cooperator behaviour more attractive to more people. Nowak’s point is that roughly 30% of any population in Biological systems find that being in a Cooperator population is sustainable for their purposes.
    The Rules of the Game in a human economic community are influenced by the starting state as well as the rules of interlocking Economic Communities with different rules. Could cooperative behaviour be punished out of the system leads to the dystopian worry with all of this? That is the possibility of a Social points-based Stick and Carrot UBI.
    Nice to hear from you in reply to my other comments.
    Best Wishes,

  2. The book by Nowak and Highfield needs wider publicity, but my thrust just now is an attempt to get the basic income into the COP26 narrative
    Thank you for keep hitting my blog

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