New Green Party Leaders; Monbiot’s Mistake

Why is my welcome only a cautious one? And why does someone as formidable as George miss important caveats?

My primary vote for the new Green Leadership was tactical. I was more worried by who might become Green spokespersons. I was surprised and disappointed to see that my ‘real’ choice – Tina Rothery and Martin Hemingway – did so badly. Perhaps many others did the same as I did for the same reason.

But I have caveats against both Adrian and Carla. The inhabitants of the leafy shires are more aware of the horrors of climate breakdown than those who need food banks. I am sympathetic to Adrian’s anti-hunting stance, but I fear that featuring it as important may have alienated support we desperately need if we are to save the Ecosphere.

Carla comes with a recommendation (from Liz Reason (whom I respect) that Carla is sensible and hard working as a councillor. Nevertheless I shall listen with apprehension to her answer to a question on Transgender issues on ‘Question Time’ (TV)  or ‘Any Questions’ (Radio 4).

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I appear to have lost or accidentally deleted a recent post from George Monbiot. I hope it does not contain significant new material from what he said in Augusst 2020. Or see Sandy Irvine’s detailed critique. (08.11.2020, in response to MIchael Moore’s ‘Planet of the humans’)

Much of the article is accurate, but that makes the missing caveats more dangerous.

Covid shows how insidious the exponential principle is.

The fall in population numbers in the affluent world does postpone the crisis. But it remains a threat.

There are places where population is still increasing exponentially. Mali (the worst) is tiny, but Nigeria and Pakistan are large. Overall population is not declining,. George Monbiot assumes it will.

But tere are already more people than renewable resources can keep pace with.

At current consumption levels we are still heading for worsening freak weather, and shortages, notably food, just not as soon as was formerly probable. So far it is ‘only’ freak weather, though this has already reached Germany with a vengeance.

But a falling population is not in prospect, at least not by acceptable means. The vast majority aspire to the much higher consumption levels of the rich nations. This, in addition to high birthrates already leads to mass migration. Every successful migrant immediately has the ecological footprint of most others in the developed world.

I am still trying to persuade everyone that an unconditional basic income could enable individuals to make lower demands on the environment. Most reject it. because they notice only its practical effects, rather than as a way towards a quasi- Buddhist mind set.

But I wish George (who has a wider readership than me) was more worried about population hot spots.

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