(How far) Is the UK government to blame for the fule price spike?

It would have been likely anyway, but there were steps the government could have taken..

That is the view of the official watchdog. but an ecologically aware government could have done much more.

Privatization takes growth for granted. 

it is obvious from an ecologicla standpoint thathome heating costs should be priced so that the first tranche of units are at the lowest costs, the price rising with increased consumption. That would lead naturally to lower consumption, not only by individual consumers, but also by potential entrepreneurs. But that wold be totally contrary to private enterprise logic, which must aim for growth..

The same principle applies for industry, but there is the problem of competition.

Lower demand nationally would have meant the possibility of selling power, if the UK has a higher standard of home insulation. Colder winter temperatures on the continent make this unlikely.

The British government (lately mostly conservative) has made little or no attempt to provide for fuel shortages. Britain is not well placed to exploit carbon free sources, but the problem was always visible.

It is true that Brexit and Covid have brought on a crisis much sooner than seemed likely, but it was always

 a case of when, not if.

Is my hope out of the question, that someone with vision (Jacinda Ardern??) will have the vision to call for a world-wide initiative to tackle a world threat?

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