Shropshire North by-election: another missed opportunity

The Green party have put a positive spin on the Shropshire N by-election result, but as the only Party trying to save the Ecosphere, the Green Party should be centre stage, yet we are still losing deposits!

Duncan Kerr did not even hold his support: his 1,738 can be spun as better than the GP average, but it was 837 down on his 2015 result, and he still lost his deposit. He even lost share (down from 4.9% to 4.6%. Due to voter apathy, less than half the electorate bothered. I think the main millstone is the assumption the Party encourages that we are a radical left wing party.

Yes, in the coming crisis due to over-exploiting the Earth’s resources, there will have to be drastic redistribution (or much, much worse), but as they did in wartime, only if the ‘haves’ share, can they overcome the common enemy. In 1940 it was rationing that ensured co-operation. Now, it can be the unconditional basic income.

There is the probability of a by-election soon in Leicester East. That is much less favourable for a Green breakthrough than the two recent missed opportunities: Old Bexley & Sidcup, and Shropshire North. Both were normally ‘safe’ Conservative seats, but the party seems unwilling to shed the ‘anti-Tory’ image. Also, Leicester East was formerly Keith Vaz’s seat, and as he points out, he has not died. Having a significant Moslem population means that George Galloway may get involved.

But saving the Ecosphere cannot wait. It should have been made the primary election issue many years ago. I have offered to pay for a poster campaign based on that picture of the devastation in Germany in July, with Greta Thunberg saying “I want governments to Panic.

Can anyone out there help me?

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