Thus is inspired by last Saturday’s (23.4.22) Guardian supplement which explored the possibility of asking the public to share their premonitions to avert, or at least mitigate future disasters. This has been done once previously, following the slag heap collapse In Aberfan in October 1966.

Unfortunately this can only be a partial answer. If the threat could be completely removed, there would be no premonitions. But in practice, in the real world, the best we can hope for is that forewarning will allow some potential victims to avoid, or make preparations.

This weblog is dedicated to trying to warn against the threat posed by climate breakdown. Despite several decades since the danger was recognized, and several recent events confirming what was forecast, increasing population multiplied by the continuous rise in CO2, and the recent increase in the much more dangerous  methane, have kept. the Earth (I prefer the term Ecosphere) firmly on course for all aspects of climate breakdown. Is it possibe to share premonitions to reduce the impact of future catastrophes?

Premonitions were not limited to victims. According to the Guardian supplement., J.W,Dunne, who later  wrote An Experiment with Time, dreamt of a volcanic eruption in 1902. Mont Pelee, on the island of Martinique, killed 40, 000 a few weeks later. He was not reported as having any connection with the isIand. I have not personally had any such premonitions, but my father used to tell of a huge firework display over Manchester, 13 miles away, which in 1940 he saw for real as the blitz. But it was not really a warning: He had no inkling of its true nature.

But how many nightmares were experienced before wildfires? Or before the devastation a couple of years ago in July in Germany? As a result of the premonitions reported after Aberfan, the (London) Evening Standard opened a ‘Premonitions Bureau’, which provided some strange entries.

I remember reading An Experiment  with Time. It was probably about 60 years ago, but like the Guardian supplement, I found it incomprehensible. It was written before quantum mechanics revealed that time is not necessarily linear (though it is only at extremely small scale that this is observed),  

I may be clutching at a straw, but an important clue could be flooding. One scientific prediction is already happening. Sea level rise is still being measured in centimetres. But if flooding becomes a frequent subject of dreams, we are in serious, but not necessarily fatal trouble.

The appeal to the Evening Standard was by a psychiatrist. I have no such qualifications, only a fear of what seems to me an obvious, serious danger.

One, to me obvious reason why the danger of climate breakdown has not been addressed is that it must be unanimous – consensual world-wide. Any individual, or nation who does not do whatever is necessary gains a temporary advantage, Besides, in the past growth, now dangerous, has been generally beneficial.

My weblog suggess an unconditional basic income as a catalyst to make the necessary philosophical changes possible.

I have written to the Guardian.

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  1. Hi Clive. I’d love to get a copy of your book. I live in Bramley, can come collect. Would rather not get off Amazon! All the best, Luka (hopefully you have my email address from this comment)

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