Doorstepping text for Wakefield by-election

Good [evening]

We are calling on behalf of the GP Do you intend to vote?

(we don’t ask who for, but if you tell us we shall take that into account)

Do not spend time with those with a clear loyalty, or who don’t vote NB Jehovah’s Witnesses never vote, but will keep you talking.

If Lab: Stress seriousness of climate breakdown. Gaining or losing 1 seat will change nothing, but a good GP result (e.g saving the deposit) will get climate breakdown taken seriously.

IF Con: Tell them that the early results showed we did consistently better in Con areas

That was up to and including the 15% in the 1989 Euros, when our best and the Con Best was Sussex, and our worst – and theirs – was Tyne & Wear. We lost that when the Cons realised there would have to be redistribution. There will, but a it needs to be managed, not to happen as an accident. [If someone can come up with a better slogan than

More in sorrow than in Anger

please let me know]

[The Basic income is a staple answer here, but if you mention it, (they may ask how you pay for the redistribution), limit it to the fact that current benefits are means tested – you lose them as soon as you have any other income, so they are a work disincentive.]

If they don’t say, use some of both the above

If Green (orindicatea concern about global warming): We don’t expect to win. This is only one seat. Saving our deposit will achieve our aim – to raise the urgency of preventing climate breakdown.

If (there is) anybody else:  It is a wasted vote. Say so, but [usually] leave without discussion.

[The background, not normally appropriate on the doorstep due to length, is that measures must be universal – anyone who reneges, gains a temporary advantage. So they have to be enforceable through governments]

[More backgound

Cons were (still are) more likely to worry about climate breakdown than those who need to use food banks. That is why we look left wing. The basic income (don’t get too distracted) actually re-creates a work incentive (Say it is less ‘socialist’ than it looks)

If elected: I am a team player. For 2 and1/2 years I shall take advice from others, when our unexpected success can be consolidated by someone more suitable]

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