Basic Income briefings

This page is a set of briefings on the Citizens’, Basic or Guaranteed Income, names which are interchangeable. It could also be called the Universal Income, so that we can target Iain Duncan Smith and the Department of Work & Pension’s nasty regime of which the mis-named Universal Credit was intended as the centrepiece. The UC would have been an emaciated version of the Basic Income, but it is a total, bungled failure.

Most of these briefings were originally prepared for a Training Day in Leeds in December 2014 for the 2015 General Election. They have been, and will continue to be updated from time to time. Please adapt and use them as you think fit, on behalf of any Green Party election campaign, or publicity opportunity. I suggest as a minimum, read the ‘What’, ‘Why’ and ‘Cost’  on this Page.

There is inevitably repetition, as each briefing attempts to be comprehensive within each topic.

Core Briefing for media & Candidates

What the Basic, or citizens’ Income is 24.8.15

Why the Citizens’ Basic Income 24.8.15

Cost 24.8.15

Citizens’ Basic Income and immigration 24.8.15

For further reading, I suggest first the other ‘Pages’ in my blog. Next, posts which  might be useful include 3.5.2013 on Universal credit, which includes a link to Dynamic Benefits. Tax Credits are discussed on 28.6.15 (post budget). A constant theme is my suggestion that although highly redistributive, the Basic Income can help to reconcile ‘right’ and ‘left’, and the Greens should not be a purely ‘left wing’ party. Posts exploring this include 1.4.2015 Zero hours Contracts, 25.1.15 on the Green Surge, and 19.9.14 on whether the Green Party is ‘Single issue’. The most popular post is 25.4.14 on Immigration.


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