Leadership battle in the Green Party

The nominations have closed, so Sandy himself cannot be on the leadership ballot. The basic income would be a catalyst for what he would do as Leader.

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The former Green Party deputy leader Shahrar Ali is now standing to be its leader, challenging current co-leaders Jonathon Bartley and Sian Berry.

Shahrar Ali seems to the better bet. The present leadership triumvirate of co-leaders and their deputy has been a bit of a dud to say the least, more a matter of non-leadership. They have somewhat failed, for example, to use the Covid-19 crisis to broadcast the green message on critical related matters, notably public health, diet, factory farming, world trade, live animal markets, and the accelerating incursions into and destruction of surviving wild habitats. The fact that most of those who have died from Covid-19 had underlying health conditions, for example, demands forceful campaigning on factors such as air pollution, poor nutrition and lack of exercice, in other words those very things that make people unhealthy and less resilient.

A failure of leadership

Instead, the (very limited)…

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One response to “Leadership battle in the Green Party

  1. Hi Clive,

    I have not even got a whiff of a Green Party election? The green party has ceased to be even remotely relevant.
    I made this FIlm in Support of Shahrar two years ago, I think its tongue in Cheek critique of Green Identity Politics portents to the irrelevance the Green party has now attained!

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