Green Party in the Wakefield By-election

I have decided that I must become a prospective candidate. The main reason why I should not is that I am almost 88. Another is that my reason for standing will be controversial.

Depending on what other candidates emerge, I expect to withdraw, but I claim that my strategy ought nevertheless to be adopted.

This weblog is dedicated to the proposition ion that climate breakdown is the most serious threat humanity faces, and that preventing it is urgent. There have been voices claiming that the fight against Covid is a war, and that efforts to eradicate it should be on a war footing.

Why has no one yet said the same about the threat to the climate, which (IMO) remains far more serious and almost as imminent? My candidacy will, if funds permit, be based on a poster campaign of the picture of the devastation (and loss of life) in the Rhineland a couple of years ago. It will draw on the mass of evidence for urgency of this proposition.

I do not need to win. Success will consist of raising the Green Party’s vote share above anything previously achieved at a by-election. Saving our deposit for example.

But the Green Party’s identification with the ‘left’ remains a problem. During a real war. Winston Churchill invited his enemies into the government, and his supporters accepted tax rates in excess of 90% without question. Why not now?

This is a by-election. None of the Green Party’s aims can be achieved, but the comparison with 1940 can be made. At the local level, I think our results are slightly better in Con areas than others. But in a national election, redistribution seems to place us on the ‘left’ side of the outdated battle lines.

No doubt a better strategist can think of a better slogan than

“More in Sorrow than in Anger”

But the reasons for the drastic redistribution now are similar to the reasons then. Yes, Labour has a slightly better grasp of Green Issues, but the Conservative record on anything affecting CO2 levels is appalling, as will be pointed out. A change of party in one seat will change nothing, but the message might (It might even influence the government).

I have in mind to enlist some prominent opinion formers, and this does not depend on who the candidate actually is.

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