Wakefield By-election Update

My application to be the Prospective Candidate is in And the date is 23rd June.. I understand there are four of us, but none of us qualify as local.

Being rubbish at Facebook and such, the lack of more hits than usual on my weblog seems to indicate that XR activists do not yet see this by-election as a means to further out aims. If chosen as the Candidate, I envisage XR activists will be a significant part of my campaign. Help with contacting them would be appreciated.

Apart from my advanced age, another reason why I may not win is my intention to target former Conservative voters. Although I understand why we Greens are seen as on the left, it seems counter-productive to foster that idea.

I shall stress that this is a by-election. It can change only beliefs and attitudes. To give those expecting to win a fright might just begin the shift from left or right, to growth or conservation.

I have just watched Carla Denyer’s reasons for expecting a breakthrough at the next General Election. Her chances will be helped if she adopts this approach whether or not I am chosen.

A part of my campaign will be to urge our leaders, Carla and Adrian Ramsay, to fill the gap which should have been filled by an elected world leader. The increase in CO2 will only be halted if everybody plays their part.

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